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Transform your personal brand in 90 days.

I'll help you build a $3K+ high ticket offer, and land your first 3-10 clients in 90 days using Instagram.


Denny Kurien, Co-Founder & Creative Director,

Rayvn Design

This brand coaching program is designed for visionary founders ready to elevate their personal brand beyond the ordinary.

With 1-on-1 guidance from  branding expert, Denny Kurien, your path to becoming an iconic brand in your industry is clearer than ever.

How we do it.

Week 1: Personal Brand Discovery

Through a series of interview questions, we discover what are your goals, challenges, what makes you different, what has your life journey been like, and who are the kind of customers you're looking to serve.

Week 2: Personal Brand Clarity

Here is where we lay out the strategy for your personal brand. This means defining your:

  • Your Service & Offering

  • Your Ideal Audience

  • Your Unique Story

  • Your Unique Personality

We will also show you 3 moodboards on how your personal brand could look & feel like.

Week 3: Content Strategy & Design

We will create a unique visual identity that encapsulates your personal brand. We will also plan out your social media content strategy, that will attract your ideal customers.


Week 4 to 6: Refining your content & sales funnel

During these weeks, you will be deploying your content and attracting prospects. We will then set up your sales funnel, so that you are only taking consulting / coaching calls from qualified prospects.

Who is this for

Coaches & Consultants

Transform your wisdom into a brand that speaks volumes.

Subject Matter Experts

From Dentists, Lawyers to Financial Advisors - make your expertise unmistakable.

Authors & Thought Leaders

Let your ideas shine and capture the imagination of your audience.

Product Innovators

Elevate your personal authority to amplify your product's reach.

Your Investment

  • Total Cost: US $5,000

  • Duration: 6 Weeks

  • Sessions: Six tailored coaching sessions (three 1-hour, and 3 30-minute sessions, conducted via zoom).

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if I needed a logo design, website design & other marketing collaterals?
    Logo & website design is not part of the personal brand coaching program. If that's what you're looking for, then click here. The coaching program has a very specific purpose: build your high-ticket consulting / coaching service offer, and get customers from Instagram to buy into it. For that you will need a visual identity, not necessarily a logo & website. All you need is a social media account (even if it has zero followers), a Calendly Link, and a Zoom / Google Meet / MS Team Subscription, and access to Canva. We will then help you build a social media following that establishes your online expertise.

  2. Who is the coaching program for?
    This program is designed for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and founders who are looking to elevate their brand's presence, attract high-value clients, and stand out in their market. It's perfect for those ready to invest in transforming their personal brand but need expert guidance to navigate & implement the process.

  3. What makes this coaching program different?
    Our program offers personalized, one-on-one coaching tailored to your specific brand needs. Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, we dive deep into your unique brand story, values, and goals to create a strategy that's as unique as your business. 

  4. How long is the program, and what's the time commitment?
    The program runs for 6 weeks. For the first 3 weeks, you will have a weekly one-hour 1-on-1 Zoom coaching session where we will develop your brand strategy. For the last 3 weeks, you will have a weekly 30 minute Zoom coaching session where we will be implementing & refining your content strategy. We've designed the program to be intensive yet manageable alongside running your business.

  5. What if I miss a coaching session?
    We understand that life happens. If you need to reschedule a session, we offer flexible options to accommodate your needs. Just let us know in advance, and we'll find a time that works for both parties.

  6. Do I need to have any design skills?
    All you need to know is how to use Canva. We will create a branded template based on your unique visual identity, and share it with you on week 3.


  7. What can I expect at the end of the coaching program?
    Our goal is to help you build a $3K+ high ticket offer, and land your first 3-10 clients on Instagram in 90 days. 

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Meet Your Brand Coach

Hi, I'm Denny Kurien, and I'm the Creative Director & Co-Founder of Rayvn Design, an award-winning Toronto branding & design agency that specializes in crafting premium brands for small businesses with big dreams and bold visions.

I've been doing branding & design for the last 20+ years. I've worked with iconic brands like Coca-Cola, Sony, Marriott, and Molson-Coors. Yet to this day, I get the most pleasure from empowering small business owners to create extraordinary brands, to attract high paying customers. Because I believe all small businesses can achieve mighty things, when they have the courage to be brave, stand out, and be rewarded personally & financially for it. ​

I have also taught as a Graphic Design professor at Humber College, and  served on the panel of judges & mentors for the RGD (Registered Graphic Designers Association).

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