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Allele is one of two condo developments managed by real estate powerhouse Sotheby’s. With the South Boston housing market on the rise, the local team needed an integrated marketing campaign to drive sales before construction began. 

Their Challenge:

They needed to attract the right customers in the South Boston Area, to put down a significant sum of money as deposit for the condo, before the property even got built.

What we delivered:

Through an integrated marketing campaign, we were able to exceed pre-construction sales goals by 20%.

Allele Condo Development

Website Design & Development


The website design is meant to appeal to a more urban and sophisticated crowd of South Boston.


The website paints the picture of how these urbanites can get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, while still enjoying all the comfort, convenience, and culture that Boston brings.

Social Media Ad Buy


These Instagram in-feed ads and Instagram Stories were hyper-targeted to reach prospects based on their geolocation, interests, and demographics.


They were meant to create an intimate audience experience, and feel like  a natural part of their lives.

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