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Dorchester Brewing Company is a partner brewing facility with a public Tap Room serving partner and in-house brews, cider and wine on tap in Boston, MA.


The Brewery was created by a team of Boston professionals in 2016 with an unnatural love of craft beer, to meet production demands for the local craft beer industry while supporting the economic development of Dorchester.

We helped them launch their initial branding, which then evolved into what they are today.


Dorchester Brewery

Mad & Noisy Brewery


In a market overflowing with options, Creemore Springs Brewery’s  Mad & Noisy experimental craft-beer series needed dynamic packaging to stand out.



Since creative combinations were a core feature with this series of beers, we made the “&” sign central to our design. It brought together dynamic illustrations that represented elements of a particular beer, everything from French hens to fire-breathing hydras. Imagination was key to the mix; now craft beer lovers would find out what it tasted like.


  • After changing positioning and packaging, Hops & Bolts’ volume hit +20% vs. target

  • Exceeded target at primary craft beer retailer (LCBO) and met target at secondary (The Beer Store)

  • Won Gold in the World Beer Championships Packaging Competition

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