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If you are a consultant, or run a professional service firm, then you need an extraordinary brand that stands out, and will enable you to turn your expertise into profit. 

I'm Denny Kurien. I'm the Creative Director & Co-Founder of Rayvn Design. We help subject matter experts build extraordinary brands that attract high-paying clients.



We only work with professional service providers. Our clients are subject matter experts, and B2B consultants that get paid for their thinking.




This is a 1 hour deep-dive interview where I will get to know everything about your business - where you are, where you've been, and where you want to go. We will ask you a series of questions where we will get to know all about your customers, your competitors, your industry niche, and your long term goals for your business. 



We will take a week to go through all the material that we've gathered in Step 1. We will do our own research,  and validate our findings. We will then get back to you with a brand strategy to attain your business goals. This direction will include a unique brand positioning for your business, 3 look and feel mood-board options, and voice & tone that your business needs to communicate to appeal to your ideal audience. We will also put together a marketing strategy that you can execute to attract your ideal clients.

US $2,000


Find your Extraordinary Branding Package
(Cost: US $2,000 +
4.4% Paypal Transaction Fees)

Not sure if this is right for you? Book a 15 minute consultation with Denny, so we could answer any questions you may have.

The time you spend in the above sessions will have you thinking about your business and your brand in new ways. 


We will address questions like, is your message digestible? Does it look the part, and does it stand out as being different?  Is it disrupting people's thinking, & inspiring a curiosity that has them begging for more?

Once we provide you with "the thinking" behind your brand on how to make it extraordinary,  you can implement this on your own, or hire us take care of this for you. Please Note: this session does not include any logo, website, or social media content design. We will only go into design, after we complete this stage.

Cost of this package is applied to the cost of full branding & design project if you move forward with us.



“First, I’ll share a confession… After a decade as an advertising creative director leading some of the world’s coolest brands, I’m hard to impress. I've worked with numerous designers & branding experts in the past who failed to deliver what they promised. Yet working with Denny and the Rayvn team has been an absolute delight. Denny is an attentive listener, fiercely responsive, and savvy with fickle digital marketing trends. Our teams worked closely to transform ideas into a gorgeous portfolio of images and digital content, for social media and presentations. We're thrilled with the results!”.

Sally Hogshead, Best-selling Author & Keynote Speaker


“I previously tried to work with local design agencies, but found their processes to be immature. There was also a lack of follow-through on their deliverables. Denny & the Rayvn team were systematic and thoughtful, and exceeded my expectations when it came to delivery. They listened, took my feedback, did their research and help me create something special. They added their own creative spin on ideas & concepts that I had built, and improved every part of my brand. It has been a wonderful experience in creativity & professionalism".

Sarah Carlson, Financial Advisor, Love Money Journal
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"I didn't know what my unique positioning was, till after I met with Denny & the Rayvn team. They really helped me hyper-target who I was going after. Once we were done with the "Find Your Extraordinary" Branding Package, it gave me complete clarity & confidence to go ahead with the design & implementation phase of the project. They were extremely professional,  and created a brand for my business that fit me, my company culture, and my vision like a glove. I highly recommend them for any consulting firm who is starting out, or looking to scale up their business and play in the big leagues."

Clive Sequeira, Founder & CEO Centric Solutions Inc.

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"Denny & his Rayvns have a way of understanding and evolving the vision you have in mind and show you something that completely exceeds your expectations. We got 20x return from the clarity we gained from our new brand positioning. They have made us feel as good as we want to
look! What started out as a logo design project turned into a full
branding exercise simply because it was easy to trust their collective
strategy and direction. Our new brand is bold & timeless, and will
serve us well in years to come. I highly recommend them”

Ed Normand, Founder of Normand PLLC. Law Firm

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About Denny Kurien

DennyKurien_Profile Pic.png

Denny Kurien.
Branding & Design Consultant for Professional Service Firms.

Creative Director & Co-Founder of Rayvn

I've been doing branding & design consulting for 20 years. What I get the most pleasure from is empowering small service-based business owners to create extraordinary brands, and attract clients they love. Because I believe small businesses can achieve mighty things when they have the courage to be brave, stand out, and be rewarded personally & financially for it.

Click here to see some of the work I've done.

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