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Vie means "Life" in French. An appropriate name, as the very best parts of life seem to happen at this hotel. From weddings to trips of wanderlust to business ventures, the hotel welcomes all those who are determined to make sure every experience in their life is not only memorable, but exceptional.


Hotel Vie prides itself on offering guests a boutique experience and outstanding services. From the awe-inspiring décor to the upbeat people who work here, it’s a place of surprise, excitement, and a reminder that a life lived in celebration, is a life lived in full.

The hotel Vie logo is inspired by French luxury and modernity. The “V” is brought to life with embellishments of opulent filigree. Within the details, we pay homage to the pileated woodpecker (the native bird of Vaughan) and a single rose, which represents the legacy of the Parentela Group. 

Marriott Hotel Vie

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