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In order for your video to go VIRAL, you need to make sure that it has 1 or more of the following attributes, in order to best engage with your viewers.


Create videos that are funny & exciting. People love sharing content that's entertaining.


Eg. Ziploc. Note that Ziploc didn't even show the product in this video. This is an example of Hub series content, where Ziploc knows exactly who their target audience is (parents), and serves up content specifically for them. The cuteness of the animals, and parents being on the inside joke made it sharable among their social circle.


Create video content that inspires people to be better, and to push their limits or to be successful.

Eg. Proctor and Gamble's "Thank you to Moms" Olympic Ads were inspiring, and relatable to everyone. It had a great message in the end, and really tugged on the heartstrings. Any video that brings out the raw emotion in people, has the ability to go viral online.


This type of video content is often prefaced by a headline that starts with “How”. "How to do this, How to build that" #DIY (Do It Yourself). 

Eg. Lego Duplo DIY Dino Video was both entertaining and educational. It also doesn't use any voice-over, which is perfect for social video sharing (since those often appear auto-muted). People’s thirst for knowing how to create something, operate something, or solve a problem that is consuming their attention will always be content worth creating and sharing.


Content that keeps people up-to-date on the latest news, trends, contests, and facts that become hot topics of conversation.

Eg. Blogs like Buzzfeed do a really good job of this, with their "Top 10" list. This kind of content gets shared on facebook and twitter, because by sharing it, the user is showing that they are 'in the know' of exclusive knoweldge.  It makes them look smart, and now they have social currency.

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