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Megan is a personal trainer & certified coach for seniors (50+). Being a single mom who knows what it's like to juggle her personal life and business life, we proposed that she had a unique opportunity to help other busy women find their work-life balance. Since she charges a premium for her personal 1-to-1 fitness coaching, her target profile were discerning executive women over 50 years of age. We created for her a premium brand, and marketing funnel where she used LinkedIn as her primary platform for content marketing. Her lead-magnet was a free downloadable e-book called "Smoothie recipes for busy women 50+". Once prospects where in her email system, she would drip fitness teaser videos to get them to sign up for her 90 days online fitness coaching program. For those who needed extra help, would contact her for 1-on-1 training.

Wise Fitness

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