A simple & easy-to-follow e-book that helps Independent consultants create their own personal brand and sell their expertise online, using social-media.

You are an independent consultant. People come to you & pay you for your advice, and deep expertise on a particular subject. This could be in real-estate, finance, investing,  immigration consulting, branding & design, photography, project & event management, IT consulting, fitness & life-coaching. You are a knowledge commerce professional, and your personal brand revolves around your ability to educate people based on the knowledge that you have.

What you will learn in this book

How to develop your own personal brand that will position you as the go-to authority in your industry.

How to increase awareness for your knowledge-based business using social-media.

How to attract the kind of customers who will happily pay for your knowledge & expertise.

Independent Consultants: How To Brand & Sell Your Expertise.

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About The Author

DennyKurien_Profile Pic.png

Denny Kurien.

Branding & Design Consultant for Small Service-Based Businesses.

Creative Director & Co-Founder of Rayvn

I've been doing branding & design consulting for 20 years. What I get the most pleasure from is empowering small service-based business owners to create extraordinary brands, and attract clients they love. Because I believe small businesses can achieve mighty things when they have the courage to be brave, stand out, and be rewarded personally & financially for it.

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