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In this cinema spot, we captured the epiphany of learning as it was taking place and paired it with poetic narration to create a distinct impression of the brand.


Far away from the canned laughter and bubblegum programming of today’s television, is TVO. A remarkable enterprise that is part of the Ministry of Education and whose purpose is to promote the kind of learning that propels mankind forward. From documentaries to political debate, online forums to award-winning kids’ programming, TVO is a constant source of revelation and inspiration. However, they needed a unified platform that would tie all their  programs together under the the umbrella of "Never Stop Learning".



As varied as their programming is, the actual moments of learning they all promise have one thing in common. Our physiological responses are universally the same. Our mouths gape to form an “o” shape.  In seizing on this, we not only captured the ultimate expression of learning in our billboard and TV campaign, but we did so in a way that would link that moment authentically and inextricably to TVO.

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